Smartfren #StaySafeAntiWasWas

The Covid19 outbreak changes the normal as we know it. Everyone must adapt to the crisis that we are not prepared for.
For brands, maintaining the voice share is critical, especially during a recession, both to stay in mind among consumers in a downturn and position their brands in an optimal way for the recovery.

Smartfren changes its strategy to suit the crisis. Our objective is clear; to help our audiences pass the crisis and COME BACK stronger.

Small things matter. The Indonesian enters the “abnormal” phase, where they have to stay at home for safety. 

It’s not easy for everyone, and this is where Smartfren came to assure them that we will make sure they will remain still connected even though they are at home.

Learning: People feel positive when they know there is someone (or something) who will be there to help them passing a hard time. This straightforward Instagram content generated an 82% better response than our regular content. We received so many positive comments saying that they expect Smartfren to help them to connect while working from home.

Culture works. The Indonesian most strong culture is togetherness. We do believe that we can overcome anything as long as we work together as one. Smartfren creates a simple video that gathered all telco messages and combined it into a beautiful one minute video.

Learning: It is unusual for Indonesian brands to communicate with competitors on social media. Still, in a specific situation, it can have a substantial positive impact if the plan and execute properly. This Instagram content received 6 million views organically, and surprisingly we received positive feedback from our fans and competitors.

If you have to do it, do it your way.

When the virus break, everyone bought up a face mask, some bought more than they need. Many brands do the public service by handing out a face mask, including Smartfren. The difference is, we do it in style, we keep true to our tone and manner; the most awesome telco provider in Indonesia.
Smartfren collaborated with Indonesian rising illustration artist Addy Debil handing out a WHO standard face mask with the artist’s signature doodling design.

Learning: The face-mask was hype. We learn that our audiences, the Millennial, and gen-Z put the esthetic aspect as the primary needs. They are proud to wear Smartfren face mask, and we are pleased to help our users to stay safe and look nice at the same time.

Adapt to the audience’s new behavior. When people have more time, they will do something they wouldn’t do before. For the last three months, Tiktok reached a new height of users; people are now using Tiktok to excite themselves while they are stuck at home. Smartfren promotes its new product using Tiktok and inviting the audiences to participate.

Learning: The best way to hack your growth is to understand what your consumers like and give it to them at the right moment using the right idea. In merely one month, there are almost 300,000 people join the Smartfren TikTok challenge. The hashtag generated 290 million views, and the Smartfren TikTok channel gained 72,000 new followers.

You want to sell it, sing it

As part of our content objective is to entertain our audience while they are at home. We created WOWKUSTIK, a digital acoustic music show that can be enjoyed through Smartfren’s Instagram channel.

Learning: The Instagram live program received 96,000 live viewers, significantly higher than the average Indonesian Brand’s live viewers that sit between 5,000 to 15,000 live viewers.
The key is to provide the right content at the right moment in the right channel. Based on our learning, since the Covid19 outbreak, the audiences prefer a music form of material to watch on Instagram Live.

Walk the talk. Smartfren brand purpose is to open many possibilities to its users, and there is no better time to prove it than in the crisis time. When the self-quarantine applies in Indonesia, many creative talents lose their job.

Smartfren invited the affected creative talents who loses their job to create a creative material promoting Smartfren’s product. In return, they will get generous compensation to help them pass a hard time.

Learning: The program received a lot of positive responses; we plan it as our signature program. Not only we showed our users how Smartfren cares about them, but Smartfren also finds a way to produce even more fresh content straight from our genuine users.

For the last two years, the podcast has been a new anti-mainstream platform for brands to tap in, while the audience is niece, the impact is massive.

During Ramadan, Smartfren made a program called Ngabuburich (playing words from ngabuburit, meaning waiting for the breakfasting in Ramadan), the idea is to enhance podcast into something more substantial.

Learning: We learned that YouTube is still the medium to prove organic performance. The program got almost a million organic views and thousands of comments. The key is to combine hot topics with fresh topics.

Know your user’s pain point.

When lockdown ends, when we all can meet our significant ones again, who will you hug first?

This simple question leads to massive touchy answers by our fans. We understand when Covid19 prohibits Indonesian people from going back to their home in Idul Fitri, many will feel emotional. But they are doing the right thing, and we give them moral support by saying that they will meet and hug their loved ones very soon.

Learning: To make your audiences engaged, you need the right trigger. This activity is organic, with no material rewards. The response is massive and relevant. It’s one of our best emotional, organic campaigns.


Digital can almost do anything. We invite our audiences to take a virtual tour to the places they want to go, but they can’t because of the lockdown. We use the power of imagination supported by Smartfren connection to make the impossible things possible.


Find out what your audiences like and be the hub for their interest.

Game incline significantly during the Covid19 outbreak. Smartfren sees this opportunity to grab more users by organizing online game competitions.

Learning: It is easy to win audiences’ attention when you give them exactly what they want. More than 4,000 games join the competition, and almost 400,000 viewers view the match. A massive number even for a game category.