Cheetos Museum INDONESIA

PROBLEM: Create a unique consumer engagement that can lead to more sales.

IDEA: Use the unique-shaped Cheetos to trigger our target audience’s imagination. Ask them to tell the story about their Cheetos based on the shape and tell it through their social media.

UGC APPROACH: Our target audiences are happily uploaded their version of Cheetos imagination. We don’t invest big paid media to achieve this. The mechanism is doing its job because it was fun and relevant.

ONLINE & OFFLINE: We see the opportunity to bring fun to off-line. We created the first Cheetos Museum in Indonesia; we took the best submissions to an immense exposure to Cheetos Museum.

Konferensi pers peluncuran kompetisi Cheetos Museum | Foto: Novita Caesaria/Good News From Indonesia

The campaign made a big buzz and pushed our social media into top-performing APAC social media in 2018.

RESULT: Cheetos Museum generated more than 60,000 submissions in two years, and months after the campaign finished, the hashtag was still flowing the Instagram generating organic impressions for us. 

Cheetos Indonesia social media assets grow +2,6% in Facebook (to 52k) and +739% in Instagram (to 237k). 

In 2018, the sales growth was +14% in the period campaign versus last year.

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